Everyone has trouble eating, but with ostomies, the challenges are even harder, especially when you try to control the diarrhea, the balance of fluids, the gas, and of course, the odor, which can all stop you from eating healthy. And even if you do eat right, you’re worried that the intestines won’t absorb the minerals necessary. The big thing to know here is that those with ostomies don’t have absorption problems unless a big part of their small bowel is removed. You can always talk to your doctor, who of course is the expert, to talk about nutrient deficiencies that are in place.

The food challenges are usually because they’re scared to eat, and the truth is, most people who are scared to eat are usually imposing far too many restrictions upon themselves.  You should try to figure out a better way to not feel scared of the foods that you eat. A lot of people will create these “don’t eat” lists, but the thing is, limiting that will compromise their health. But you should try it out for yourself, since your digestive system is obviously different, and you should always talk to a dietician, especially if you’re considering this.

The first fear that most of these people have is of course, the fear of fiber.  The stoma is not as easy to clog as you might think.  Fiber is usually an issue for those who don’t chew their food enough, but popcorn, corn, and nuts might be an issue period for those who have an ileostomy in particular.

The best thing to do is to chew your food a lot, at least 25 times for every bite of food that you take, and don’t worry about eating slow. It’s better to do; this, and you’ll be able to properly break down food.

Then there is of course, the fear of the odor.  For about a year, most people with an ostomy will have a hard time feeling comforted with their ostomy bag. They fear the food, especially those which tend to be pungent. Coffee, fish, chives, garlic, asparagus, and sometimes even chicken might be a culprit. But you don’t want to have to limit yourself in that regard, right? Well, the solution to this, is to try smaller portions.  If you eat lots of meat, you should include both buttermilk, and yogurt in order to counteract this too.  You should also consider spearmint and parsley too in order to help with this, and you’ll be able to, with this as well, create the best options possible, and make it so that you’re not totally feeling self-conscious about the food odors.

These are all valid, but if you hold yourself, back, you’re going to end up harming yourself even more.  The best thing for you to do, is of course to learn to accept this, and work with this, so that you’re happier with the results, and not holding yourself back.  You’ll be thankful for this, and you’ll definitely want to consider all of these options.