How to Enjoy the Summer with an Ostomy Bag

With the heat of summer coming soon, many people like to get out and enjoy the summer with their family. But, one of the things people worry about is if they can enjoy the outdoor activities that they have with their ostomy bag

You will have to consider different aspects of wearing during the middle of summer. For starters, it’s hot, so the flanges and the barriers will melt faster within the heat than they would otherwise, which requires that you change this more frequently. If you find that the wear times are reduced to beyond normal, then you might want to consider a different type of skin barrier, since it might not hold up in the heat that well.

There is also the rubbing that happens with this. Since it is hotter, we’re constantly having it rub against the skin, which can lead to irritation and roughness. Pouch covers and using powders definitely will help to absorb the sweat and reduce the friction on the skin.

If you are active, you might want to find ways to secure the pouch to prevent it from popping off at the worst moment.  Tape to secure the pouch to the abdomen is essential for keeping the items in place. You can get an abdominal binder to hold the pouch and to give you peace of mind. You can use waterproof tapes for extra security as well when you are swimming in the pool.

Another common problem for some people is a yeast infection, which is essentially a bumpy and fine rash that’s usually along the edges of this.  Usually, this is on the peristomal skin, and it can be uncomfortable and might prevent adherence of pouches from attaching. You treat this with antifungal powder, and it can be used with other barrier powders too.

As with all outdoor activities, make sure you’re properly hydrated, especially before and after you go outside. You should have half your body weight in ounces of water each day, plus a couple of extra glasses. This is good to help keep you nice and hydrated. By doing this beforehand, you’ll be much happier. Water also helps keep everything moving, and if you’re having enough water, you’re not suffering as much either. This is definitely a good thing to consider.

Ostomates don’t have to worry about being out of the fun in the sun of summer, there are just a few other things which you’ll need to do. By doing that, you can help prepare for summer in a simple, yet really effective way.

Summers don’t have to be boring and limited, they are quite fun and enjoyable.  It definitely is worth considering especially if you’re someone who feels like they aren’t getting enough out of life due to their ostomy procedure.