One-piece ostomy bags vs. the two-piece kind

The stoma in the belly wall comes with several appliances and because of different reasons. However, a general cause of the ostomy operation is the malfunction of rectum, colon, ileum, digestive, and urinary tract. As a result of the ileostomy, urostomy, and colostomy surgeries, a patient receives a small round or oval hole in the abdomen.

This new part or pit in the belly collects the urine or stool (depends on the kind of ostomy surgery) from the urinary tract or bowel. Therefore, an ostomate needs something on the stoma to collect the waste matter. There are many tools for ostomy cAre. However, the necessary item is a stoma bag or pouch. This is the primary tool that collects all the waste, either liquid or solid. Apart from the stoma bag, some other items help in the attachment of the ostomy pouch. These are wafer, collar, flanges, skin barrier, adhesive, adhesive remover, and wipes.

Therefore, after the ostomy surgery, we will leave the hospital with the stoma. As a patient, you must know all about the ostomy, stoma, and tools. This operation will bring some alterations in your body, behavior, diet, and lifestyle. However, nothing to worry about, you just need to grab all the necessary information about the stoma and its appliances. You can ask anything from your doctor in the pre-operative session at the hospital, and after the operation, you can seek your WOC nurse’s help. Well, you must possess the knowledge regarding healthy and unhealthy stoma, healing of opening, healing of internal organs, dealing with the stoma, caring of the new part, caring of skin, stoma tools, its size, shape, colors, and change in appearance. These things will help you in picking up a suitable stoma bag and its appliances.

What is Stoma/Ostomy Bag/Pouch?

This is a sack or a container that is responsible to hold and collect all the waste of the human body. An ostomate connects this bag to the opening or stoma in the abdomen; thus, it receives stool or liquid from a part of the urinary tract or bowel (that has connected to the stoma). Moreover, there is no single or specific ostomy pouch. There is a variety of sizes, shapes, and kinds. This tool collects the waste, protects the stoma, and avoids leakage of stool or urine.

Different Kinds of Ostomy Pouches

Here are a few different kinds of ostomy pouches:

One-Piece Ostomy Pouch

This is one of the simplest tools for ostomates. A one-piece ostomy pouch contains the skin barrier and a bag (both have cojoined). We can say this is an inseparable pouching system. A few of the ostomates have felt discomfort with the application method of the one-piece pouching system. Because you cannot detach the bag and skin barrier; thus, many have found it problematic. However, it provides discreet protection and a high-level gentleness, who are used to it.

Two-Piece Ostomy Pouch

A two-piece ostomy pouch is opposite to the one-piece. It has two tools in the system; one is a bag and the other is a skin barrier, which means you can detach both of the items. Thus, it provides smoothness and coziness to the ostomates while putting on and taking off. Moreover, if you are a player, model, traveler, or a urostomy patient, then you should pick up this one.

Drainable Ostomy Pouch

This is the kind of pouch you can empty at any time. You do not dispose of it after one use. You can drain the waste (urine or loose motion content) whenever you want or feel that your bag is half-full.

Before selecting or buying for your stoma, you have to ask your nurse. Well, you would know about the type of ostomy before the surgery, thus you can pick up the appropriate bag for you.