One-piece ostomy bags vs. the two-piece kind

Everyone remembers at the beginning of school or work, where you’re told a billion things, and you know that you must remember them, and you know everyone expects you do it right. It can be challenging, and for ostomates it’s similar. 

You have to know how to put on the applications for the job, and here, we’ll discuss the two types of pouches and the pros and cons of each.  You will want to talk to your nurse for any final help, but there are a few things which you can do before you choose which one you want.

So, first, let’s talk about the one-piece system, where the adhesive base and the bag are all in a similar system, and usually, the base is called either a flange, skin barrier, or wafer.  This is where it attaches to the bag.  This is all one singular item, and you can’t separate them.

The advantages of this are as follows: they are usually less visible, so if you’re someone who likes fitted clothing, this is better. They also are more secure, m so there is less of a chance of this coming apart. They typically are less expensive than the two-piece variants.

The disadvantages, however, are also of note. Changing this can make your skin more tender, so it might cause irritation. Any time you do change it, you need to put it around the stoma correctly, which can take time and be cumbersome. You’ll also go through items for this system much more often.

Then, there is the two-piece system, which is where they’re essentially separate items, and you can get these in little kits, making it more versatile for your ostomy Care.

This has the option of offering more style for this, and you can choose which size of this works for you, depending on the activities which are involved at the time. The flanges or wafers will remain in a place of a bit longer, so it’s gentler. You also can change the size of the bags, and you can change these based on your activities. The bag changes are much faster, with the old one being removed and a new one being attached much easily. These are perfect for running errands and such.

The problem with these ones is that they’re bulkier, so it’s more visible underneath clothing. The flange and the bag can come apart and cause some leaks. If the stoma output gets behind this, it can be hard to change this. Finally, this is something which can get more expensive at the beginning, since the system is more expensive. But, it’s actually much cheaper in the long run since you are going through less of the bag changes.

With this, it’s ultimately up to you, and you should consider all of these factors when you’re choosing the correct bag for you to use. There are a lot of benefits of these bags, and a lot that you can get from this, and you should definitely make sure that you choose a bag that will help you make a lot of changes, and help you get the most out of the bags as well.